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MA AUDIO ACCESSORIES founded since 2008 by Mr. Lau Guan Heng, It is the core agent of Malaysia car decoration. Over the past 13 years, MA AUDIO ACCESSORIES has gradually become a trusted partner of Malaysia's car decoration industry through continuous efforts to innovate and follow its own strategic deployment. Our high-quality customer service and good corporate reputation have established our position in the automotive decoration industry. Created the sub-brand MR TINT in 2020 and received 300% disruptive feedback.

MA AUDIO ACCESSORIES aspires to become one of the largest automotive decoration industry monopoly companies in Malaysia. In 2021, MA AUDIO ACCESSORIES company served more than 43,560 vehicles.

MA AUDIO ACCESSORIES is a learning and growth-oriented enterprise. The philosophy pursued is to become a first-class enterprise with healthy and sustainable development. We adhere to the corporate spirit of "Serious", pragmatic, efficient, cooperative, and committed to working attitude, adhering to the corporate tenet of "customer first, service attentively", actively implementing the strategic policy of "going out", and striving to build a first-class service system to become customer satisfaction, A first-class service company trusted by partners.

兴隆汽车装饰中心由刘源兴先生成立于2008年,是马来西亚汽车装饰核心代理商。十三年来,兴隆凭借不断努力创新,遵循自家的战略部署,逐渐成为马来西亚汽车装饰业信赖的合作伙伴,我们以优质的客户服务,良好的企业信誉已为我们在汽车装饰领域奠定了行业地位。 于2020年开创子品牌MR TINT,并且获得500%的颠覆性反馈。

兴隆汽车装饰中心立志成为马来西亚最大的汽车装饰工业优品企业之一。 2021年,兴隆汽车装饰公司服务超过43,560辆汽车。


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